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Lone Rangers Equestrian Camping Club

The Lone Rangers Equestrian Camping Club is a trail riding club for riders of all ages, 18 and over. The club was started in February 1988 as a singles only club. The club direction changed from singles to all riders in 2014. We take weekend trail rides every month, going all over Arizona. We do not pack in, instead we set up our camps and ride out from there. Rides average about 4 hours, with members packing their own lunches. After the rides, we gather around for pot luck and camaraderie. Members must have their own camping equipment, toilet facility, horse and trailer, food, and plenty of water for themselves and their horse. Whether you have a live-in gooseneck trailer, a tent, a camper, or just sleep in your horse trailer you will be welcome, and you will have a great time.

We have two types of memberships. You can pay $5.00 for a single trip, and be a temporary member; or become a permanent member for $10.00. The dues are paid in January of each year.

We encourage new members, and will make sure they feel welcome and included in the activities. If you would like more information call Pat Frame at 623-933-3372 or Frank Ziskovsky at (480) 488-1503. If you love to ride, and love to camp, then we are the club for you.

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